EclipseEJB - Managing OpenEJB

EclipseEJB is a new Eclipse plugin meant to help manage an OpenEJB installation.

First off, this site isn't much to look at, yet, and neither is the product. I've included a snapshot of it at this url as an Eclipse update site. Simply add a site bookmark pointing to and you should be able to download the latest snapshot. Soon, I hope to upload an actual release, as well as seed the CVS repository on SourceForge so that everyone can have a look at the code. For now, I'd appreciate any feedback that people have about the plugin, and would welcome bug reports and feature requests in the Tracker on the project page.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I haven't had as much time to work on this project as I would have liked, but I haven't been completely idle either. I've added another screenshot, this time of a graphical editor generated with EMF from an updated openejb.xml schema. Next, I need to make an update to OpenEJB to handle this new schema.